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Individual Psychotherapy

Deep listening. At the start of therapy, you share how you experience the particular issue you’re bringing in so that we can form a shared understanding and I can offer suggestions particular to you. 


Emotional holding. Therapy invites self-study. This shedding of light on previously unknown or buried parts of one’s self may not always be comfortable. And you will not be alone. In therapy, the consistency of a dedicated time and relationship gives you support to experience and process any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings in the context of relationship.


Opportunity to explore and gain self-knowledge. In therapy there is invitation to come to better know yourself, including identifying your strengths, and exploring values and needs in areas of work, relationship, and how you want to live. Therapy can support you to gain greater respect for yourself and move toward living in greater alignment with your core values.


Non-judgment and compassion. Together we will explore how you’ve learned to cope with challenges and do relationship based on your past experience. We’ll come to see that there are good reasons why you think and act the way you do.


Encouragement to grow and change. You are not limited by your past or how you’ve come to think or do things. Therapy creates the opportunity to re-evaluate and make choices based on greater understanding. Considering or making change is also not easy. As your therapist, I will offer you gentle encouragement to change, while also exploring with you any ambivalence or resistance to it. 

Direct feedback. At times in therapy you may find it helpful to ask for, or offer, direct feedback on how therapy is going. I value this type of exchange and will gladly engage with you in this way.

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