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Grief Counseling

While there are common experiences grievers share and similar themes in healing after a death, each individual’s loss, relationship to the deceased, and grief journey is unique. It has been an honor and privilege over many years to support individuals, couples, and families mourn the death of a loved one and adjust to life without the deceased.


In my experience, grief counseling offers a dedicated time, place, and supportive witness for you to connect with your grief experience and express and process a range of grief-related thoughts and feelings. This can offer particular comfort to those feeling alone in their loss; those uncomfortable with the experience of loss of control; and those who worry about burdening or making others uncomfortable.


For some, grief counseling can be short-term, focused on supporting the individual manage the intensity of experience and come to accept the loss. For others, grief counseling may lead to longer term work (more akin to individual psychotherapy), supporting the individual to make meaning of the relationship with the deceased, cultivate an internal relationship with the loved one, and begin to address the existential and spiritual questions that often arise following a loss. Grappling with questions like "who am I?" and "what do I want to do with my life?" are common, as are decisions over time to make life changes.   

Many grievers find additional support through grief groups. Feel free to be in touch if I can be a resource to you in this regard. 

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