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Life is being in transition.


Whether considering a change or in the midst of one, transitions can be times when we may feel particularly alone and shaky. It may seem like everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing and going along just fine, while you may feel a little off or somehow at odds with your environment. 


Having come through experiences like this myself, I've also learned what helps. I know the value of having a relationship in your life where you can share your experience openly and feel heard and understood.

As your therapist, I will support you to accept that transitions are uncomfortable times. And while it helps to know that this is not a permanent state, it also helps that there are things you can do now to ease your experience of discomfort.


While we have limited control over what happens in our lives, we have boundless opportunity to choose how we respond to, and make meaning of, the events in our lives. 


Couples Therapy

Identifying unhelpful patterns;

Working through stuck places; 

Enhancing positive connection

in your relationship


Individual Psychotherapy

Support to manage and work 

through depression, anxiety,

life transitions, grief/loss; Healing from challenging relationships 

Grief Counseling

A dedicated time, space,

and experienced counselor for support in finding healing and meaning through your grief



Tanya Takacs is a San Francisco-based psychotherapist in private practice (LMFT 98530) who works with people of all ages on issues of depression, anxiety, grief/loss, and managing life transitions. 


She supports clients to feel validated in their experience and gain a deeper sense of connection to themselves and others.

Her approach incorporates modern talk therapy with practices in mindfulness and self-compassion, as well as communication tools. 



1730 Divisadero Street

San Francisco, CA 94115


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